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Axis International Security Services (Ltd) is an International Security Operations and Security Training Company.

Collectively, Axis International Security Services boasts in excess of 50 years of experience in security, operations risk and business intelligence, corporate and civil investigations and due diligence enquiries.

When it comes to protecting your buildings, staff and members of the public, you can’t put a price on security or on the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got the best people in the private security industry working for you.

Our mission is to establish and maintain a secure, cost-effective environment in which our clients can operate safely. We are a provider of a range of security services to both rail and construction industries.
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We believe not only in providing clients with a safe and secure environment, regardless of their requirements, but also in giving them value for money. Therefore, rather than employ an excessive number of expensive Security Operatives to undertake and oversee a project, we use a required number of highly trained Executive Security Professionals trained & certified by our company.
Undertaking a wide range of risk management capabilities, our personnel have operated in troubled conflicts in:

- Iraq
- Afghanistan
- Africa
- The Balkans
- Europe
- Russian Federation

We have also been responsible for security operations in the United Kingdom for high profile clients, and are continuing to do so.

Security Industry Approved Contractor (SIA ACS Approved) Ref: AXINSESC01

Addressing Risk with Intelligence.

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