Door Supervisors'

Axis International Security Services, SIA Door Supervisors are well -known for their positive and outgoing attitude, flexibility and reliability. The high standard of personnel’s presentation, along with their excellent written and verbal communication skills, and high-level experience in search procedures and customer-facing role give us the advantage in this high-demand environment.
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The specific duties of a door supervisor may vary depending on the employer’s policies. In some cases they may be required to make sure that customers are adhering to a proper dress code or that they meet certain age requirements. Other responsibilities required of a door supervisor include collecting fees, verifying identification, upholding safety regulations, searching for drugs and ejecting unruly customers. Door supervisors or door stewards may also be required to control queues, perform searches and utilise metal detectors to find concealed weapons. Whatever your requirements you can be sure that Axis International will ensure a smooth run operation every time.

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